In order to further improve the best electronic documentation system for blowing parameters on the market, the manufacturer decided to improve both systems: integrated for MJET V0HD and, above all, separate JLP modules intended to work with MJET V2 and V3 blowing machines.

First of all, the product will now include a new Samsung tablet in the GalaxyPro 4 version with a large 10-inch screen and 128 GB memory. This version has been tested and approved to withstand high rates of electrostatic discharge (ESD). New functions will also be added to the JetLogger software, such as tests of working air pressure in micro-pipes and will be included in the standard version of the software. The change of the tablet model will apply to all versions of blowing machines.

For the Jetlogger version with a separate module in the transport case (JLP) working with MJET V2 and V3, additional changes will also include moving the battery from the outside of the case to the inside and changing the cable gland connecting the blowing machine head with the module. This will further reduce the size of the suitcase and increase safety of use without limiting the possibility of replacing the battery during work.

The new version products will be available for sale from September 2023. Details in distributors’ sales departments.