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+48 (22) 230 40 20

Product Development House (PDH)

Idea is quite simple – our goal is to offer one-stop place where Customer could found advisory services or even full & complete outsourced support of Product / Solutions Development process.

From simple idea or just demands, thru terms & demands collection, 3D model design processing, prototyping, testing up to support in manufacturing or even manufacturing a small batches of parts done in modern manufacturing processes as molding, 3D printing, CNC milling, laser / waterjet cutting and engraving.

We care as well about all Intellectual Property rights, support in patenting or any legal process corresponded with Product Development.

For whom?
Our proposal fits mostly for all Customers who wants to outsource Product Development processes into skilled flexible teams scaled up just upon current project demands. Our experiences focusing us mainly on Products and Solutions applicable in Telecom segment however we are open as well on any others markets where metal, plastic, rubber materials & electronic meets Customers demands. In particular, as Product Development House (PDH) mostly we are working for:

    • manufacturers / OEM vendors developing new products / upgrading existing one / integrate products into one complete system
    • telecom operators as advisors solving network problems upon real-life studies giving a proposal of existing products from market or brand new products or features description to be produced by final vendors;
    • idea owners and start-ups with brilliant idea solving an any existing problems, but without resources or knowledge in product design, prototyping & manufacturing.

Scope of services
Our Product Development House (PDH) services are organized all-around Product life cycle – from idea up to manufacturing and after development improvements. In particular, we want to offer one-stop place serving services as:

    • support in product idea development upon modern techniques of cooperation with Customers and feedbacks with End Users testing a product as Design Thinking, UX design, etc
    • financial documentation support in front of venture Capitals, investors and support in applications to UE funds and R&D grants;
    • outsourced project management upon one of suitable methodologies (Scrum, Agile, Prince, etc);
    • legal advisory in Intellectual Property rights, solving a patents and ideas protection;
    • new product 3D model design processes in native 3D CAD systems, simulations, collision detection, optimization for chosen manufacturing cost-effective method;
    • technical documentation (drawings 2D with dimensions, 3D high resolution images, product movies & operational animations, product presentation for investors / end users, data sheets, installation manuals, others)
    • prototyping of parts form plastic, resins, metal and rubber or assembling a whole prototype models in one of many available manufacturing processes as: moldings, 3D printing, CNC milling, vacuuming, laser / waterjet cutting and engraving;
    • sensors / industry computers / electronics PCB / electric / servo mechanism devices design and prototyping (if needed);
    • firmware programming / drivers and integration with 3rd Party software systems (if needed);
    • user experiences testing and feedback-loops improvements;
    • 3rd Party Lab tests, market approvals support or representations;
    • small batches manufacturing, packing and assembling in one of many available manufacturing processes as: moldings, 3D printing, CNC milling, vacuuming, laser / waterjet cutting and engraving;
    • manufacturing documentation preparation, support in choosing the most suitable vendor for massive production.
    • quality control, product upgrades implementations, etc.

Flexible teams
We are working in collaborative & flexible teams (project managers, designers, engineers, lawyers, consultants) raised and tuned upon demands of each projects. So You always be sure that right resources will be allocated to project and will be not overpaid.

Interested in?
More info about? Please contact with us to talk about best suitable PDH model of cooperation.