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On-premises Mobile Cloud Solutions

ASOCS Ltd. is a privately held company, a developer of on-premise cloud solutions for Industry, SmartCities and Enterprise Companies. ASOCS is also collaborating with mobile network carriers to support the move to 5G,, using full network virtualization and open interfaces such as xRAN, TIP and ONAP and under OpenRAN standard directives. ASOCS is headquartered in RoshHa’ayin, Israel, and it also has a development centers worldwide. Company was founded in 2003 by CEO Gilad Garon and CTO Doron Solomon, first as a manufacturer of integrated circuits and since 2013 has been focusing on virtualized communications for wireless networks under next generation Cloud-RAN network development. ASOCS is an active member of O-RAN alliance.

Currently ASOCS is empowering industrial enterprises to connect their production lines to edge applications by providing them with a cloud-based private 5G network and a scalable Software as a Service (SaaS) model. Developed by ASOCS in 2017 year a CYRUS® 5G software enables enterprises to run their networks on their own terms using standard hardware, just as they do with their IT infrastructure. ASOCS enables companies to easily implement private 5G networks and benefit from high network reliability, enhanced security, and low latency. CYRUS® can be deployed and connects companies to a global community of open uses cases saving time and money in implementing and enhancing Industry 4.0 – Smart Manufacturing and AI computation. 5G is becoming the go-to technology for private networks, with enterprises, manufacturers, and system integrators implementing Private 5G in their facilities as the most efficient, manageable, and reliable method for transferring data from multiple simultaneously connected devices to and from the edge. Being hardware agnostic and utilizing OpenRAN, ASOCS 5G software offers flexibility for companies to choose and tailor the right system for their particular needs.

ASOCS has partnered and integrated with global leaders in hardware of Radio Network and Edge Solutions to make such implementation simple while offering a single pane of glass view so that the network and capacity can be managed like any other IT system.

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Sterlite Technologies Ltd (STL)

Connectivity End2End Solution based on Fiber Optic Cables & Passive Optical Network equipment

STL is a well known global manufacturer of End2End Connecitivity Solutions based on own fiber optic cables, own high quality glass preforms and optical fibers and wide range of connectivity products designed in India and Italy. Manufacturing facilities are located mainly in India but as well in Italy, China and Brazil and newest in UK.

STL Opticonn, the Optical Connectivity Solution has been designed to enable telecom operators, ISPs, citizen networks and large enterprises to roll out networks faster, more effectively, and cost efficiently. The solution offers end-to-end capability ranging from to optical fibre cables (drops, microcables, duct, armoured, ribbon, micromodule), distribution products (ODFs, splice clousers, terminal boxes, etc), pre-connectorized kits and post-sales support.

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Sterlite Technologies Ltd (STL)

Virtualised AccessNetwork End2End Solutions and Network Software Products

STL provides end-to-end open Virtualised Access Network solutions integrated with 5G technology so ranging from wired to wireless, design to deployment, connectivity to compute through core capabilities in Optical Interconnect and Access Solutions, Network Software and System Integration. We conduct fundamental research in next-generation network applications at our Centre of Excellence with two software-development center’s across India.

STL developing as well own DevOps-based, Analytical Intelligence-driven, Web-scale-enabled carrier-class Network Software Products as: digital OSS/BSS Platforms, Network Operation Platforms, Spectrum and Offloading Managment, Data Intelligence Software and 5G Monetization.

Nowadays STL could provide whole solution from proprietary hardware to open source architectures OpenRAN compliant end-to-end solutions across the world.

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Outplant and Central Office fiber optic equipment

Optotec S.p.A was founded in 1992 with the aim of providing high-quality fibre optic accessories and connectivity in the telecommunications industry. Born from the spin-off of Sirti, the largest Italian installer, Optotec soon became an undisputed market leader in the development, production and sale of components and accessories for telecommunication networks. Through continuous innovation and technology upgrades, Optotec established itself as a global leader in Optical Interconnect portfolio over the next two decades.

Into the development, production and sale of components and accessories for telecommunication networks, it offers a variety of products that connect, protect and seal the optical fibre network including:

– Racks, sub-racks and passive components for Central Office (CO)
– Splice Closures, cabinets, pedestals for Outside Plant (OSP)
– Termination boxes and outlet for Customer Premises (CP)
– Other customized solutions

In November 2020, Optotec was acquired by Sterlite Technologies Ltd., an industry-leading end-to-end solutions provider for global digital networks.

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High Performance Fiber Optical Cables

OPTRAL is a Spanish company with more than 30 years participating in the deployment of the telecommunications network through the design and production of high performance fiber optic cables. Innovation and quality outstands in our products our most important pillars. We constantly invest in machinery, raw materials and production processes, in addition to complying with certifications and high quality standards at an international level.

We have three subsidiaries in Latin America (Chile, Mexico and Colombia), a Central Office in Madrid, a Technological and Productive Centre in Barcelona, ​​a Productive and Logistic Centre in Fraga, and more than 30 commercial partners worldwide, which allows us to be present in more than 70 countries around the globe. Recognised multinational companies from the Telecommunications, Industry, Broadcast, Oil&Gas and Renewable Energies,among other sectors; choose us as their top fiber optic cable provider.

Optral product portoflio focusing on: connectivity assembling cables, datacenter and datacom cables, fire resistance and CPR class cables, cables for heavy industry enviroments and standard telecom cables.

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Gloriole Electroptic Tech

Innovative Fiber Optic Connectivity and Passive Components

Gloriole Electroptic Technology (GET) Corp is a professional Taiwanese manufacturer of passive optical fiber components, since 2000. The company started with the technology transfer of NTT-AT connector and MU adapter and now GET Corp is one of the LC Alliance members licensed to produce standard LC connector, unibody connector and adapters. It has several professional plastic injection mold and joint assembly factories.

We provide innovative patented products such as LC connector, LC adapter, MU adapter and LC plug component assemblies with high quality and unique features such as stackability, reversible polarity or high capacitance achieved with very small shapes in newly developed products such as as the MUX / LUX family dedicated to High Capacity DataCenter solutions.

Today, GET also uses accurate manufacturing processes and assembly technology to create high-quality attenuators, collimators, optical switches, and WDM passive components. GET can also assemble patch cords (jumper), attenuator (fixed or variable) and terminators.

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Höhle Estonia

Microducts and subducts

Höhle OÜ manufactures micro ducts used for the installation of fibre optical cables. Höhle is based on experience and on entrepreneurial spirit. Our core team members have 45 years of experience in the production of plastic pipes, while the owners of the company have almost 60 years of experience in business. Short distance from Poland and competitve lead time makes Höhle offer very atractive.

Product portfolio starts from high quality Single Microducts (SingleHöhle) 5-20mm up to DirectInstall or DirectBuried folied bundles (MultHöhle) of 2-7 microducts. HDPE pipes as 25-50mm and Non-Standard solutions as Combo products are avaiable upon request.

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Jetting AB

Robust cable blowing machines

Swedish vendor of reliable and easy-to-use cable and microducts bundle blowing machines. Since first own fiber optic blowing machine developed in 2008y, after more than 5,000 construction hours, 2,000 hours of CNC machining and over 5 million meters of blowing. Today, Jetting has its own CNC production of reliable machines that are marketed and sold under the Jetting brands as MJET or TriggAir.

Our blowing machines are developed from the perspective of field conditions and not a laboratory, because they must operate under all real conditions. We focus on low weight, high usability, reliability, easy operation and quick reconfiguration, because we know what it is like there. Our products are developed and manufactured in Sweden with the quality expected of a Swedish company. We are constantly involved in the development of our products, but we also focus on support and technical training of our clients, using our many years of experience in the fiber optic industry in the construction of pipelines, plowing, blowing and welding of fiber optic cables.

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OSense Solutions

Tailor-made sensing solutions by OPTRAL

As specialist in fiber optic cables and technology Optral is envolving towards innovative products lines with its creation in OSENSE SOLUTIONS – a set of sensing and monitoring End2End solution that used advanced OTDR events detection and pattern recognition via otpial fibers and capable to detect and measure magnitudes such temperature, acuostic pressure, vibrations, stress, strain or tension.

These solutions can be applied in large number of deployment applications, such as security and surveillance systems, construction infrastructure and tension analysis, fault control and fire or leaks detection system among many others. Optral Platform based on Speciality Sensing Optical Cables, advanced interrogator acitve devices which collect and analyse data detected by sensor cables and OMonitor software/device to proper visualisation of collected data and manage a transmission of results or alarms to cooperative systems as alarming or SCADA systems in industry.

Based on experinces and product Optral develop a few version of platforms dedicated to diffrent applications:

OGuard System – this is a perimeter safety system that uses a fibre optic sensor cable to detect intrusion by installing them in fences, walls or underground, This system also allows efficiently omitting weather even that could trigger false alarms and for long distances from active device.

OSensor System – this solution is used for detecting and monitoring faults or events using values such as the temperature, noise, vibrations, stress or strain depending on the conditions of the installation and the type of application and based on technologies of sensing like: Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS), Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS), Distributed Strain Sensing (DSS), Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG).

OWatch System – this system allows conducting preventive and reactive maintenance throughout the fibre optic network (dark as well as active) through real-time monitoring. Efficiently monitor the physical layer of a fibre optic telecommunications network using OTDR devices.

All of systems are avaiable with technical support from vendor and through certified partners as end2end solution.

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NTET Composite poles FGP

FGP composite poles, poltrusion products for telecom and lighting market

NTET is Italian and European leader in manufacturing of fiber glass reinforcment (FGP) composite poles for telecomunication, railway, energy and lightning applications. With massive production based on centrifugal casting and poltrusion could meets any demands of Customers from above markets.

Group of factories located in Italy could serve as well Customers looking for other products as automotive plastic parts, FGP cabinets, electrodevices or microducts and bundles.

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NTET Composites for Automotive

Automotive SMC composite and plastic injection parts

NTET Composite (N.T.E.T. Spa) is part of the Italian industrial group (NTET Group), which is a world leader in the design and production of industrial parts made of various types of composite materials. With the main factory in Piacenza (Italy), NTET has in one hand all production technologies and processing of composites containing glass fiber reinforced resins (SMC/GRF/RTM) and carbon fiber (C-SMC), including injection and compression molding, pultrusion and centrifugal molding .

Thanks to the possibilities of assembling metal subassemblies and mechatronic components – the main markets of NTET Composite as a Tier4&3 supplier for the automotive market are: automotive (passenger and luxury cars), mass transport (buses, trucks, trams and trains), agricultural and specialist vehicles, including military market. A variety of composite products (painted or not) are directed to the automotive market, from small to very large parts of vehicle bodywork and covers, including: high-quality window frames for rail vehicles, engine covers, chassis and body parts for agricultural vehicles, aerodynamic fairings, body parts and covers of buses and trucks, elements of ventilation systems and many others (bonnets, fenders, bumpers, door panels, roofs, spoilers, aerodynamic kits, tank protection, battery and accumulator elements), which can be made in NTET technologies. The rest of the component production is all kinds of power distribution systems and composite poles for the needs of lighting, energy and telecommunications (including FTTH), products for the railway signaling sector and much more.

The NTET Group has implemented and applies many quality control systems: ISO9001, ISO14001, IATF16949, and among the company’s clients there are many global brands producing cars, commercial vehicles and rail vehicles.

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BDA Connectivity for Automotive

Specialist cables and antenna systems for the automotive market

BDA Connectivity (Germany) for over 60 years in Europe produces special copper and fiber optic cables that are optimized for a given area of application in the automotive industry (UN-R118), marine (GL-DNV, UL), audio systems (CPR: Eca ) or broadband and telecommunications (CATV/RF/LAN/PSTN). The novelty is a range of high-quality external and internal antennas and passive components for the 4G/5G telecommunications market, also for automotive and smart city applications. The “CoMeT” measurement system developed by the company is an important element for measuring the effectiveness of shielding of cables, connectors, cable harnesses and components, and the measurement range is from DC to 9 (18) GHz. The through impedance and shield attenuation of communication cables and cable assemblies can be measured with one test setup.

We are dedicated to serving our customers in the electrical and electronics industries, telecommunications networks, electrical wholesalers, automotive suppliers, audio and television studios, medical technology and science. I

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LongXing Telecom

ODF cabinets & passive fiber optic equipment

LongXing is one of China’s most trusted companies in the telecommunications industry. With over 1000 employees, more than 70 000 square meters of factories spaces and sales revenue over $258 million vendor is uniquely equipped to respond to global Customers needs. Proposed products and solutions extend from the data centers to central offices, curbs and straight to your home.

LXT produce passive and active products, as well as indoor and outdoor products (ex: ODF, DDF, network cabinets, distribution boxes, cable tray systems splice closures, outdoor cabinets, PDUs, and optical accessories). For more than three decades, LongXing has been the number one supplier for all of China’s leading telecom operators and cooperate as many of global well known Telcos.

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