Imagine the NextGen STERLITE Microlite microduct cables as a revolutionary leap in the world of connectivity. Comparing to standard Microlite 288F with G652D or G657A1 350um fibre having 9.4mm nominal outer diameter, prevoius version of NextGen microcable with 288F G657A2 200um cable has great reduced diameter to 7.9mm. Developments into new kind of fibers allow STERLITE to boasts these score to industry-leading small diameter of just 7.4mm, making it the perfect fit even for 14/10mm microduct installations.

Range scope of fibers allow to think and choose cables with bigger space/fill factor margin, lighter for blowing important in case for cables with high capacity. As well for cables with smaller count of fiber i.e. 144F these innovation could provide more safety margin in fiber attenuation.

What sets it apart? Well, the NextGen cables aren’t just compact; it’s a powerhouse of innovation. Its smaller size translates to higher fiber density within the duct, allowing for more efficient use of space. This means you can achieve greater connectivity without compromising on the physical infrastructure. But that’s not all—our commitment to sustainability shines through. The reduced size doesn’t just mean efficiency; it means a significant drop in CO2 emissions. We believe in technology that not only advances connectivity but also minimizes its environmental footprint.

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