We are pleased to inform that our agency, and also the producers which we represent – found itself in a good company of members of the Polish Chamber of Equipment Manufacturers and Service Providers for Railways.

This is an important step marking our presence on this important market for us, where we can offer quite a wide range of products in the field of passive equipment for fiber optic installations, telecommunication and industrial fiber optic cables, flame retardant cables with CPR certificates and with the functions of maintaining transmission in fire conditions, copper telecommunication cables (Sterlite, Optral, Optotec, Metallurgica Bresciana). We also offer NTET Group solutions based on glass fiber composites: lighting poles, semaphore poles, poles and elements of supporting structures, doors and elements of container stations, and even cable harnesses and composite / plastic parts for assembly in rail vehicles (automotive).

A very interesting and innovative group of solutions offered are systems for monitoring and detecting events using optical fibers with a wide range of applications in industry, perimeter protection and securing objects of strategic importance, including railway lines and facilities (Optral Osense).