Although the KPO/FERC projects have not yet rolled out on a large scale, but we, together with Hohle Estonia and distributors in Poland – are already prepared for the coming huge market demand for high quality 4×12/8mm, 4×14/10mm and 7×12/8mm microtube bundles. A buffer warehouse set up in Estonia by the manufacturer is waiting for orders, and Poland is only less than 1000km away.

As before with the beneficiaries of POPC projects – so now – we are preparing for successful cooperation with all entities looking for standard MultiHohle foiled bundles, SingleHohle single microtubes of 7/4mm, 12/8mm or 14/10mm, but also less standard products like metered bundles with locating wire or ComboHohle with mixed packages for distribution relations like 4×14/10mm+4×7/4mm.